Welcome Motorcyclists, welcome travelers and Adventurers!

This is a completely, 100% none-comercial website, created because of joy and the love for traveling, motorcycling, photography and the curiosity in meeting new people. You can‘t buy anything here, but you can get tips and support.

Europe is an incredible, equally romantic, adventurous and spectacular paradise for motorcyclists. What ever style of motorcycling you prefer, what ever you expect from your once-in-a-lifetime journey, or what ever you might expect from a short week‘s trip around the block; it is here, it exists and it is better, by far better, than what you ever have dreamt it would be.

The Alps, the Dolomites, Tuscany maybe, the French Savoyes or the Maritime Alps, Corsica, Sardegna, Pyrenees... the list as longer as you ever would guess.

If you do not yet have decided where and when to go... just come in, click yourself around and feel free to contact me, if ever you have a question. I will gladly share what ever I have experienced within the last 30 years on two wheels and almost all around Europe.

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